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Lorn City Group

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Lorn City Group was the creation of our founder, Tol Lorn, a brilliant who is a success in a property development 2002 and have admired by all types of customers.

With the never-ending support from his clients, that allowed Tol Lorn to create Lorn City Group. It is located in Phnom Penh since 2017 and in Sihanouk Ville in 2018. The buildings that have been constructed consist of sleek design and modern like ShopHouse, Modern Villa TL, Modern Villa LC, and E0; E1 houses, along with markets and supermarkets.

On top of that, he has fully prepared for the year 2019 with more projects continue to roll out and process; like Lorn City Lotussana located on National Road 3 just 600 meters from Chaom Chao roundabout sitting on a 10 hectares of land, to meet the market demands. Also, an apartment complex in Sihaouk Ville that contain variations of the units to meet an individual need.

Therefore, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported and trusted us these past times and we will try the best of our capability to meet your future demands. Thank you!

Tol Lorn & Hor Khann


Lay Heng Lorn


(Chief of Operating Officer)

Lay Houy Lorn


(Chief Marketing Officer)

Lay Heang Lorn


(Chief Creative


Lay Houng Lorn


(Chief Financial Officer)

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