Neak Ouknha TOL LORN


The concept behind Borey Lorn City  is to create Modern housing in its nature with the first and most significant project in both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville province. 

With this approach, we aim for modernity within its nature and a comfortable lifestyle providing the residents with a coziness and luxury lifestyle. In terms of comfortability, we created multiple facilities for this project including commercial buildings, supermarkets, coffee shops, leisure parks, reservoir waterfront, gyms, and playgrounds along with the proposed resorts in the near future.  

Our whole project in Borey Lorn City Loutssea is 58 Hectares. While 32 Hectares of the land are reserved for housing, another 26 hectares are used for leisure and commercial facilities. Moreover, the future upcoming resort plan is at the back of the site, accompanying a fun activity (biking and hiking trails) and the hotel accommodation.

Regarding developmental needs within the community, the development by Borey Lorn City Lotussea has helped the citizens and Sihanoukville province wiser and brighter than before in terms of the real estate field. As a new reveal of Borey Lorn City Lotussea, some of the amenities and facilities, twin a road park, lake, lotus roundabout, etc opening to the public, and the citizens can come to relax and enjoy these areas freely.


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